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10 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Custom Windows

Whether you’re a business owner looking to enhance your commercial space or a homeowner striving for that perfect ambiance, custom windows can make a world of difference. At M&C Global Construction, we specialize in Commercial Remodeling and Contracting services, making us your go-to experts for anything related to custom windows. We understand the profound impact that the right set of windows can have on a building—both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Why Custom Windows?

When you opt for custom windows, you’re investing in several essential factors that can substantially elevate your property:

  • Energy Efficiency: Tailor-made windows can be designed to minimize energy loss, thereby reducing your utility bills.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Custom windows offer unparalleled design flexibility, allowing you to create a unique atmosphere that reflects your personal or brand style.
  • Property Value: High-quality, well-designed windows can significantly increase the market value of your property.

10 Questions To Ask About Custom Windows

What type of glass is used?

The type of glass can significantly affect both the energy efficiency and safety features of your custom windows. For example, double-pane glass can provide better insulation, while tempered glass offers increased safety. Make sure to discuss the options available and their respective benefits and drawbacks.

What is the frame made of?

Frames can be made from various materials like aluminum, wood, or vinyl. Each material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Wood offers a classic aesthetic but may require more maintenance, while vinyl can be more energy-efficient but might not suit all architectural styles.

What is the warranty period?

A warranty is crucial when it comes to significant investments like custom windows. Always inquire about the warranty terms to understand what aspects are covered, for how long, and what the claim process involves.

Is the window energy-efficient?

Energy efficiency is a vital factor for both commercial and residential properties. Ask for the custom windows’ energy ratings and ensure they meet your local energy code requirements, as this can have long-term implications for your utility bills.

What are the installation costs?

The cost of the windows is only one part of the equation. Installation costs can vary depending on the complexity of the project, and they should be factored into your budget. Always ask for a detailed quotation that includes both the windows and the installation.

What kind of maintenance is required?

Different materials and types of windows require varying levels of maintenance. For instance, wood frames may need periodic painting or staining, while aluminum frames might only need an occasional cleaning. Make sure you’re comfortable with the level of upkeep required for your custom windows.

How long will it take for the windows to be made and installed?

Time is money, especially in commercial settings. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the manufacturing and installation timelines for your custom windows to adequately plan any other concurrent or subsequent projects or renovations.

Do the custom windows comply with local building codes?

Building codes can be strict when it comes to window installations, especially in commercial settings. Ensure that the windows you’re investing in meet all local and national building code requirements for safety, energy efficiency, and other factors.

Are there customizable features?

Additional features like built-in blinds, tinted glass, or special UV coatings can add extra functionality and aesthetic appeal to your custom windows. Discuss these options to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

How will the custom windows improve my property’s value?

Custom windows can be a significant investment but can also offer substantial returns by increasing your property’s value. This can be particularly important for commercial properties or homeowners looking to sell in the near future. Consider how your choice of custom windows will contribute to this long-term benefit.

Why Choose M&C Global Construction for Custom Windows?

When it comes to custom windows, experience and expertise make all the difference. M&C Global Construction offers an extensive portfolio of successfully completed projects that speak to our skill and dedication to customer satisfaction. Our team of experts works closely with clients to meet and exceed expectations, guiding you through each step of the process to ensure a seamless experience.


Investing in custom windows requires careful consideration and planning. By asking the right questions, you ensure that you’re making an informed decision that will benefit you in both the short and long term. M&C Global Construction stands as a leader in the Commercial Remodeling and Contracting industry, making us your ideal partner for this significant investment.

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